Auth, Identity, and Single Sign-On in Practice

Providing auth in your platforms can get really expensive really quickly, as your 3rd-party vendor costs grow as a function of your user base grows. I had a chance to write about a great way to implement authentication, authorization, and SSO in a scalable and practical manner. I hope you like it.

GraphQL Federation, Domain Autonomy, and You

Federated GraphQL, as imagined by Midjourney

Hello, hello. It’s been a while but I’m finally getting a chance to document some of my favorite engineering design patterns and tools adopted over the years, and how to leverage them in your own systems.

First up is a great lever to pull when addressing issues of scalability and domain ownership in your growing platform: GraphQL Federation. I hope you like it.

GraphQL Federation for Cross-domain Bliss

Of iPads and Musical Interfaces

One thing I love about the age we live in are the advances in technology and what they present to musicians and artists to further their own craft and most importantly, their ideas.

The laptop, and now more specifically, touch tablets like the iPad allow designers and developers to really stretch out in the interfaces they can create for musicians.

I mean, does this start the mind wondering about the possibilities or what?

The First iPad Street Musician? from Ilya Plavunov